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Robot Crocodile Attack 2018

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Android İçin Robot Crocodile Attack 2018 Uygulumasını - Full ve Türkçe Olarak İndirin

Robot Crocodile Attack 2018 is the classic jaw-dropping (and munching) thriller with a twist!

This crocodile is on the hunt and this time it has a vengeance. A science experiment has gone horribly wrong when nature met technology! Robot Crocodile has roamed into the city with a rage; attacking with no fear and causing destruction. With jaws of steel and iron scales, this croc can transform into Robo Man and has ultimate super powers, strength, and agility. Use super powers like Jaw attack, Gun tail attack, Rolling attack, Laser attack, and more to scare your foes!

Turn the city upside down by engaging in battle with other androids, superheroes, cops, police, and firefighters. You have the best of both worlds from the animal kingdom and technology! Smash cars and buildings with your powerful tail, chomp down on civilians and enemies with your steel jaw, and shoot lightning and laser beams from your indestructible iron body! Complete missions and win rewards.

Don’t be a fish out of water, be Robo Croc!

Robot Crocodile Attack 2018 Features:
• Awesome 3D city environment
• Engaging background music with sound effects
• Action packed thrilling levels
• Transformation features to transform crocodile to super robot
• Smooth & intuitive controls
• Fun & easy to play